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Our Instructors

Our faculty is experienced and motivated to bring out the best in you.- As a Mentor/Expert/TeacherOur faculty consists of highly trained and experienced teachers which holds expertise in their respective fields and advances the idea of an “Holistic Development.” Learning together even when we are apart is to what our team aims at. If you want to be a part of our organization you can mail us at our website. Email –

Kunall Vasundhara Singh Acting/Film Direction
Mrs Kanika Malhotra Mathematics Vedic Mathematics
Harpreet Kaur Classical Dance
Ms Mamta Grover Art
Akta Sehgal Kiddomentoring Money Mtters
Nagtuba John Ngiimai Nagaland: Dimapur Mathematics
Dr Neha Gupta Pranic Healer
Kaveri Singh Arts
Aideen Ni Raida Voice Coach & Meditation
Ms. Vineeta Achra Counsellor
Ms Lovi Singh Social Preneour & Writing
Geeta Krishnan Mindset Educator
Divya Agrawal Social Media Visibiity & Pen Arts